At Siddhchakra Steels Pvt. Ltd. we continuously try and provide quality service to our clients. Our delivery systems are based on same basic principles: ensuring availability of products range, Timely deliveries as per schedules, maintaining and confirming quality standards’

      We give you the solutions that you ask for – which you have dreamt of – to help you launch your product well within time.

      We provide various service solutions for our clients’ needs like Band saw cutting & machining Job work for processing of Round bars into various products like cylinders, pistons, rams, step shafts etc.

      We have 4 band saw machines which can cut the size up to DIA 1000 mm and crane facility which can lift material upto 50 tons with inbound transportation facility.

We can offer various value added services to our clients from our alliance like

Rough machining

Final job work

CNC job work


Milling of shafts





Quenched and Tempered

Siddhchakra Steels Pvt. Ltd. is very committed to improving the relationship with all its customers by becoming an integral part of their production cycle. SSPL through its alliance and its facilities provides value to its customers. W ensures and commit that the best practices are utilized to enhance the value of the products.
Our widespread sales network helps us to operate on a global scale, catering to all kinds of demands.
The phenomenal success of SSPL has been built on stringent quality control at each stage of production. We source finest quality products to offer the best quality products to the clients.

6 Reasons That Make Siddhchakra Steels Pvt. Ltd.

The Perfect Choice

Our Quality



Customer Centric


Timely Delivery

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